Prayer intentions

When we pray broadly for network participants and for our nations, these are the intentions that we hold in our hearts.

Prayer intentions: for network participants

  1. That we take delight in the Lord and the day He has made, seeing the good in it we influence it with prayer as necessary. Our default mental state should be ‘O God …’
  2. For all the relationships around us to be loving and supportive, forgiving each other our weaknesses and using the authority (staff) of prayer expectantly in our lives.
  3. For our support and protection from the enemy of good and that the father’s love will always surround us and keep us resting in the peace, love and joy of God’s providence

Prayer intentions: for Nations

Here follows a list of prayer intentions which are virtually unchanging with time, for our nations and people, we pray that:

  1. The Name of God our loving Father, will be held in awe and honoured right across the lands and in the hearts of its people;
  2. The leadership of the Church of Christ will seek the will of God courageously and obey God’s leading without fear or weakness;
  3. All the Christian denominations may unite in Spirit and truth, so that we may be one in heart and in prayer before God, seeking His light and grace in our lives;
  4. The people of the Church of Christ will be recognisable by their love, both for each other and also for the stranger;
  5. We stand against all the forces of evil who seek to cause hatred, fear and every other vice in the lives of the Welsh people, and in God’s Name we invite the Blessed Mother in the power of God to crush and defeat Satan so that the light and Peace of God may fill this land of hymn-singing and welcome, today Lord;
  6. The individuals who govern, whether  in local Councils; the Welsh Assembly Government; Westminster or Brussels, will fear God and perform selflessly and with wisdom in the interests of the people that they serve;
  7. Families will be specially protected and blessed, with the bond of the Holy Spirit of love maintaining all their relationships;
  8. The vulnerable in our communities will be protected and guided to health and happiness in their lives;
  9. All the Communion of saints, especially the Blessed Mother of Jesus and the saints of Wales, join us in our prayers for the healing and blessing of this land.
  10. That every person will desire and experience a gentle and life-changing encounter with God in their lives, (also experienced by the baptism in the Holy Spirit), when faith is brought alive; peace, love, joy and all the fruit of the Holy Spirit become a lifestyle, and the journey of intimacy and union with God who lives in our hearts, may bear much fruit;
  11. That people are separated from any attachments to worldly things which keep them from a life of ‘trusting abandonment’ to God’s kingship, especially the need for control;
  12. That all schools in Wales excel in godly virtues and the full development of all the talents given to each child by God their loving Father; and that every school be surrounded by and filled with angels both for the protection and enlightenment of staff and pupils, in God’s grace.
  13. God’s most perfect plan for Wales and it’s people be fulfilled in these times.