Join with two prayers

You are invited to join us just by saying TWO SIMPLE PRAYERS in order for you to be personally blessed and strengthened - while also transforming our nations at the same time – It’s that easy to join us!
Everyone - Catholic and non-Catholic who undertakes to pray the following two prayers daily will be protected and blessed by the prayers of the rest of the network.

  • Say the ‘Lord’s Prayer’– dictated by Jesus, and prophesying a world without evil, as it is in Heaven
  • Say the 'August Queen' prayer - dictated by the Blessed Virgin Mary herself to a holy priest and recommended to the faithful as a powerful prayer against evil by Pope Pius IX, and later indulgenced by Pope Leo XIII and by Pope Pius X.
The intentions in our hearts as we say the Two Prayers will be: firstly for the blessing and protection of the other members of the network; and secondly for the blessing and protection of our Nation. (These intentions don't need to be spoken out, but held in our hearts as we say the Two Prayers each day).

The Rosary

Those also able to say the Rosary for these intentions in addition to the prayers will multiply the graces received greatly.