How the network developed

Wales has long been consecrated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and devotion to her has always been strong amongst Catholics - indeed it was the frequency of pilgrims travelling to the Marian Shrine at Penrhys in the Rhondda Valleys that required the first building of the famous Old Bridge at Pontypridd in 1746.

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The three foundations of the network

There are 3 key foundations to network of intercessory prayer for the our Nations:

Foundation 1: Mutual prayer support for anyone praying within this network – like Moses in Exodus.17:11-13. When Moses' arms became tired from praying and slumped down, the army of God's people began to lose the battle - so his friends supported his arms in his prayer efforts and the battle was victorious. Network members will pray for each other in a similar way, so anyone joining the network will be immediately covered by prayer..

Foundation 2: The Lord’s Prayer – This is the prophetic prayer that Jesus taught us to say, which contains a future promise:- It includes a request that God arrange for His Kingdom and His Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. This would require the Earth to be rid of Satan and his fallen angels (Matthew 6:9-13)

Foundation 3: The August Queen Prayer - This prayer was dictated for us to say, by the Blessed Virgin Mary. In it we ask her, the Woman of Genesis and Revelation; in God's power and on behalf of mankind, to crush the head of Satan – the cause of all the suffering in our history.(Genesis.3:15). This prayer was dictated to a holy priest Fr Louis Cestac 22 years earlier than the  ‘St Michael Prayer’ of exorcism which was composed by Pope Leo XIII and is less used now. (Mary's special role is explained - see the  Explaining Mary page on this website.)

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