Test images

Hi Tony,

Here are some images for you to look through to add to the slideshow ..  On the existing slideshow I think we should keep the image of the church on Anglesey (as it's striking and religious!)  but perhaps delete the conwy one and the daffodils - but it's totally up to you. 

I suggest we need 6 images in total so it's eyecatching and varied but not too long and distracting.

Below these images is a slideshow so you can see what it would like. 

I've not bought these images, so that is why the size and quality vary, and why there are copyright marks.  Once you've decided I'll purchase the ones you like.




A 12055243278n87k0  A

B family-young-daughter-reads-bible-29444660  B

C 1177695991X86NbZ   C

D 1299775815zn9uin  D

 E flying-kite-14334006  E

F 123800205321vMEH  F

G 1190105899kX4sKn  G

H 1179774016594992  H

I 1283823964Tl0m1u I

J 1335014044j7fxgd  J

K 1304812085Y6pjuJ  K


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